Protective Property Trust (PPT)

A Protective Property Trust (PPT) helps keep the value of your family home in the family by ‘ring fencing’ half of a joint owned property upon the first death.

This means that in the future if you or your partner needs to move to a care home, the local authority will not be able to take the ‘protected’ share of the property to pay the costs. With a PPT in place your share of the house (normally 50%) will be protected upon death from any third parties and will pass on in accordance with your will.

The surviving partner still has full legal rights to live in the property for the rest of their life and could even sell the house and buy a new one, transferring trust to the new house. The deceased’s share in the property will remain fully protected to be passed on to the beneficiaries. 

It can be useful to have a PPT in place if either you or your partner have children from previous marriages and you want to make sure they inherit a share of the home. As the PPT follows the wishes in your will, your share of the property will pass on to your beneficiaries if your partner remarries or decides to gift their share to someone else.

With more and more people requiring long term care at the end of their lives, a protected property trust can safeguard your children’s inheritance from inefficient taxation or means tested care home costs. 

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