Why make a will?

Making a will is the only way to ensure that your assets, possessions and money (together known as your estate) goes to the people that you care about. 

Many people believe that their estate will naturally pass to their loved ones when they die. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Our varied and modern families are often not understood by the law. 

If you have:-

  • Been divorced or remarried
  • Children with more than one partner
  • A large amount of assets or debt
  • More than one property or any businesses 
  • Any possible claims or challenges to your estate

Then a will is the safest and most cost effective way to pass on your estate to your loved ones.

How easy is it to make a will?

A will is your wishes in writing. It could be a simple declaration that all your belongings will go to a single person, or your estate might be split up amongst family and friends, with gifts to organisations that you believe in. It really is up to you. 

At ClearWill, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible whilst preserving the legality of the document. This means we will ask personal questions about your family, financial situation and assets. 

However complex you decide your will should be, we are there to support you. You don’t need to pay expensive solicitor’s fees or travel to lawyer’s offices to create a professional legally binding will. 

We can help you create your will from your home.

How can I get started?

Planning ahead today can help your family avoid a whole host of legal and financial challenges when your time comes. This is why the extra time to get all the details correct is so important. 

When you are ready to make your will, there are a few things that you can get in place beforehand to make the process smoother. We have a downloadable guide here with all the information you’ll need to prepare before your will writing appointment. 

Have a look over it in your own time to find answers to many of the common questions and prepare yourself for making your will. 

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